Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Product Review: Posner's Cover Stick Foundation

Hello my lovlies! I'm finally back and life has slowed down for a HOT second and it's 8:34 pm and I'M STILL AWAKE! Since this such a momentous occasion, I thought I'd do a quick product review on a new (to me)product: Posner's Cover Stick Foundation. After having experimented with several stick foundations while at the Artist Summit in Chicago and discovering that maybe, just maybe I could wear a stick foundation without becoming an over-oily mess, I came back and found this product at my local Walgreens. Now, you have to understand that in my early days of experimenting with makeup, I did in fact use Posner products, namely their lip colors and sometimes their foundations, but I always found their foundations soooo very oily, so after the first few tries, I gave up and moved on to greener pastures. And, in the back of my mind, I figured that I really couldn't use a cream-type foundation because I just didn't need any more oil on my skin. But my, how times have changed...I've been way impressed with this stick foundation by Posner. I am using the one in medium deep and the color is just perfect! This stick is oil free, blends really well and imparts a natural "dewey" glow to the skin. It provides a medium coverage, but it can be sheered down with a quick spritz of MAC'S Fix+ or home-made mixing medium or charged water. I have been using a duo-fibre brush to buff the product onto my skin and I am really loving the look! It's not terribly expensive at $8.99 and my face is staying well throughout the day. For those of you looking for a little more coverage without feeling like you are wearing a mask, this might be the foundation stick for you!

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