Monday, November 19, 2012


It's been a beautiful day today, Lovelies.  A last warm day or two with lots of sunshine...hope your day has been lovely as well.  For this post I'll be reviewing a gel eyeliner  from a newcomer to the cosmetics landscape, Addixt'n Cosmetics.   Addixt'n is based in New York and debuted in March of 2012.  I purchased Unusual, a beautiful blue-teal colored liner.

Now, the reason that I picked this particular product was two-fold:  1)  I wanted to try out product from this new company and 2)  I'd been contemplating using colored eyeliner for quite some time.  I usually stick with black liner and it's  high time that I try something new! thoughts:

I LOVED the color...shimmery, slightly metallic, although a littler lighter than I'd expected.  Could be that with my deeper skin tone the teal appeared lighter, but still a lovely shade.  The texture is very silky smooth and creamy and glided on like butter; the color seemed a little sheer so I applied two coats.  Then again, maybe it was just me, since I'm used to wearing black only; I don't think that I've ever run into a "sheer" black cream or gel liner!  And boy, does this stuff have staying  power!  I tried to rub it off the back of my hand and it didn't move; it didn't move from my lids either, even though I had a slight tearing spell after application (lash fell in my eye...HA!)  All in all, I was very pleased with this product.  Want to try this for yourself?  It's available in 12 luscious colors online at

Here's a quick look I did:  neutral eye using soft browns with a slightly deepened crease and a natural highlight, lightly contoured cheeks with a kiss of peach blush, nude lips; the teal eyeliner is a great way to incorporate a little color if you are afraid to move away from your neutral eye look.

Do you like the idea of using a colored eyeliner?  What's your favorite?  Until next time Lovelies, blessings, hugs and peace!

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