Friday, January 4, 2013

LOB MATURE BEAUTY SERIES: Tips for Mature Makeup, Part 3

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Hello again my Lovelies!  Once again it's time for more beauty tips for those of us on the more mature side.  Before I get into the tips for this edition, just let me say that these tips can be used by EVERYONE OF ANY AGE; just because I've entitled this series "MATURE BEAUTY" doesn't mean that more youthful readers can't take advantage of this information!
Now, on to the tips!  First, be careful with your powder usage.  Too much of a matte finish can be aging, look cakey and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.  Opt for placing powder strategically on the face:  LIGHTLY on the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, on the chin.  Use a fluffy powder brush to gently dust away the excess.  By the way, the new HD powders are wonderful, but because they are made of silica (a light reflecting mineral), they need to be applied with a VERY light hand.  A trick:  apply these powders with a slightly moistened sponge or brush--the slight dampness makes the silica more translucent and melds it into the skin so that there's no ashy look whatsoever.  If the skin looks too "flat" mist lightly with a finishing spray or a little water.  And remember, powder usage isn't a written-in-stone given; if you have extremely dry skin or you really don't need it, DON'T USE IT!
For an amazing glow, lightly dust a subtle shimmer over the high points of the cheekbone--this will catch the light, giving you a youthful, dewEy and lifted look.  If you prefer or have dry skin, there are now a number of really great liquid highlighters/illuminizers on the market that can be used to give an instant "spark" to the complexion.  Going over the highlight application with whatever is left on your powder brush/sponge (don't add any more product) can help to give a "lit from within" quality to the skin.

Lips can start to thin out and dark lip colors can make the lips look even thinner.  To give the appearance of fullness when using dark colors, place a lighter shade of a coordinating color in the center of the upper/lower lip.  Using a lip gloss can also give the appearance of a plumper lips but use sparingly; because of its highly emollient  nature, it can tend to migrate into fine lines around the mouth, not an attractive look.  Matte lipsticks, while usually long-wearing, tend to make the lips look dry which in turn makes the lips look older.  If you wear matte formulas, consider using an emollient lip balm underneath your color to help smooth and plump your lips and to give a slight sheen; dewey lips are a sign of youth .  Better yet, switch to a creamy, semi-sheer or sheer formula lip product to give the appearance of a plumper kisser.  Lighter, brighter colors will also help to make the lips appear more voluptuous.

Whew!!  How's that for a list of tips?  Now it's your turn, Lovelies--what are some of your favorite makeup tips?  Care to share...what works for you?  Until next time, blessings, hugs and peace!

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