Thursday, January 3, 2013


Happy New Year, Lovelies!  Well, okay...I know that TECHNICALLY the new year is now several days old, but yeah...I still consider the year new.  So beat me with a noodle and get it out of your system--that's right...all better now?

According to the title of this post, I got bloody lips for the new year.  Don't get all upset about it--I didn't!  About a month ago I bought a Black Opal Patent Lips Liquid Lipstick in the color Violene.  So what color, exactly, is Violene?  It's an almost perfect, oxblood-y red (blood, get it?)--that wine, burgundy, purple-y with-a-little brown-thrown-in color that is the current trendy/vampy rage for winter.  The website description says that the product "...combines the wear of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss...that delivers intense, easy to apply color".

What I liked:  THAT COLOR!  Wow, it just knocked me out although it did take me a little while to decide just how to wear it in a look.  It goes on nicely, has a high pigmentation like a traditional lipstick but much lighter in weight like a lip gloss. I'm generally not a lip gloss kinda gal, but this lip color doesn't have even the tiniest hint of stickiness.  The price is right also; I purchased this at my local Rite Aid store for less than $8.00.

What I didn't like:  I expected this product to be much more moisturizing than it is.  I absolutely have to wear a lip balm underneath otherwise my lips dry out.  The doe-foot applicator delivers VERY little product from the vial--I have to dip three to four times at least to get enough product to adequately cover (or maybe I just have overly-voluptuous lips...I don't know.  Just sayin'...).  And, I was a little disappointed with the wear time; I'm used to just applying once in the morning and not having to touch up all day.  With this product, I noticed that I need to remember to reapply at least once during the day; maybe it's because of the lip balm underneath, maybe it's just my skin chemistry...again, just sayin'.  Anyway, I more than like this enough to purchase it again and I may even try a couple of the other colors--Red Intensity, Coppertone and Orange Blaze have definitely captured my interest!  So Lovelies, have any of you tried this lippie yet?  Are you down with the oxblood craze?  Do you like these "fusion" type lip products?  Until next time, blessings, hugs and peace!

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