Hello Everyone...and welcome! This blog will be updated frequently; please feel free to follow along and leave comments as you please!

I know that you're probably saying "oh no...another beauty blog!" and I suppose that you'd be right--I've got pictures and reviews of products, makeup looks, manicures, etc. and I give my opinion on everything from moisturizers to nail polishes to foundations and everything in-between. BUT, I will also sometimes include a general rant or a bit of philosophical introspection or even just a somewhat curious thought-of-the-day that may just strike me. Hopefully you find something of interest here. I appreciate your taking the time to read my articles, so a big THANK YOU to all that visit.

All the images on this site and associated content are my personal property unless otherwise stated. Please, don't copy any images unless you ask me first! If you wish to quote any content from this site, I ask that you include a link back to my original article. Blessings, hugs and peace to all of you and happy reading!

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